Work hours

Work hours depend on the school you are based in; however, applicants can be expected to teach 20-25 hours a week. Applicants will also be required to participate in class hours and generally this will add up to a 40hour work week.

Free time

Teaching takes place over a 5-day week, with vacation time dependent on the school.

Who you will be teaching

Age groups will vary slightly depending on placement, however, students will be in the age range of 2-16years.


Some of our partner schools provide accommodation, for all other schools we will help candidates find affordable and comfortable housing. Prices will be dependent on location, although schools in higher priced regions often provide slightly higher salaries.

Social life

A concern for many of those moving to a new country especially one that speaks a foreign language is making new friends. Each of our partner school hires several TEFL teachers and are excellent opportunities to meet like minded people all looking to expand their horizons.

Living costs

Information relating to living costs can be found here.

What is the process

The first step is filling out the application which you can find here.

If you pass the initial screening you will be invited for a telephone interview, which will revolve around your motivations and key competencies; this will also be an opportunity for us to gather information about your personal preferences. This will be a followed by a video interview that will be a similar format to the telephone interview but will be used to assess your presentation style.  

Should you be successful your profile will be matched against our open positions at which stage your information will be passed on to one of our partner schools. You may then be required to conduct a further interview with a representative of that school. After which you will be informed whether you were successful in your application.